Monday, July 20, 2015

UnRecipe: Summertiiiiiiime.... and the Livin's Easy....

I don't know about you, but Summer Lovin's got me lazy as hell. The heat doesn't help inspire energy, but even when the blessed mild summer days (and by mild, I mean mid 70's -- anything beyond that, and we all turn into big PNW crybabies, myself being the crybabiest of the crybabies.) I'm still keeping up with our weekly produce delivery, as well as our happily flourishing herb garden in the backyard. So the menu this summer has been fresh stuff, grilled stuff and anything you can enjoy while sitting outside.

Summer pizza? Why not, especially when you've got fresh herbs aplenty - Photo by Wasabi Prime

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mixed Plate: Public Shame Shell Game and Frankenstein's Monster

I know, it's funny, right? I saw this magnificently hilarious meme make the rounds on Twitter after Paula Deen's latest public snafu, or Brownfacegate, as I'd like to call it. I thought, Oooh, BURN -- what a perfect Interweb-ready image to represent Deen's firing of a social media manager after Tweeting an inappropriate photo! It perfectly illustrates Deen's lighting a bag of poop on fire on someone's doorstep and then running away. Well done, Interwebs. Pat yourselves on the Hive Mind back and settle into the smug feeling that the big bad Buttered Bigot (I so love you for this, K, aka @NinjaHarlot), has been chased back into her cave by the pitchfork-wielding villagers. I thought this. I Tweeted and Facebooked this. And then I thought again, realizing OH CRAP -- I totally missed the point (as have a lot of people), and Food Network and everyone else who silently allowed The Image Who Shall Not Be Named publicly air in 2011 have already won. The monster has been chased away, but the mad scientists remain.

Just type in "Paula Deen Riding a Cat" into Google and let the amusement begin. Trust me.

Monday, July 6, 2015

FoodTrek: Edible Artistry at Salish Lodge's Chef's Studio

Summer in the Northwest isn't all backyard barbecues and camping trips, we can shirk our Birkenstocks for a lovely sit-down dinner that takes advantage of the precious growing season that gives this region such a noteworthy culinary reputation. I had the pleasure of previewing a new dining space at Salish Lodge and Spa, their freshly-minted Chef's Studio, that offers a unique, hands-on approach to eating and drinking locally.

Setting the table for an edible show at Salish Lodge's Chef Studio - Photo by Wasabi Prime

Monday, June 22, 2015

OMG a Recipe: Konquering Kiwi

Food Confessional: I'm just not that into kiwi anymore. It's important to say "anymore," because as a kid, I LOVED kiwi. The first time I had it, I felt so proud of myself for eating something so strange and exotic, and really enjoying the tart/sweet fruit with its edible fuzzy skin and inner ring of crunchy seeds. But these days....? Meh. If it's already in a dish, I'm happy to eat it, but I just don't get a hearty yen for this funky fruit, especially when our Full Circle produce delivery bag is full of the little buggers. It was the one fruit I'd either give away, or make sure I sliced up and served at brunch with friends, to get rid of it, ASAP. But I managed to conquer (konquer?) my lack of enthusiasm for kiwi in the form of salsa, specifically served atop quinoa crab cakes!

Konquering Mt. Kiwi-Crab Cake - Photo by Wasabi Prime