Monday, April 20, 2015

OMG a Recipe: Makin' Drunk Whoopie (and other delights)

Makin' drunk whoopie PIES, that is. Get your mind out of the gutter and into the trash with the rest of us! Inspired by booze-infused baked goods, I thought I'd share some recent baking shenanigans. While this features a gluten-rich chocolate whoopie pie adapted recipe, I'm also including a gluten-free chocolate cake recipe that you could make some decent whoopie with. So let's get it on -- start the Barry White/mood music playing!

That's what you get for makin' whoopie (pies) - Photo by Wasabi Prime

Monday, April 13, 2015

UnRecipe: An Egg-splosion of Flavor!

Don't give me that look of, "...but Easter was, like, FOREVER ago." You still have more than a few brightly-hued hard-boiled eggs sitting in your fridge, staring at you, begging you for a Special Purpose. Begone, glazed-over stares into the fridge! I present to you the BEA Sandwich. (Bacon Egg Avocado). *Boom* (that's me, dropping the mike on the stage and walking away)

Beautiful eggs that I couldn't bear to crack. OK, I eventually gave in - Photo by Wasabi Prime

Monday, April 6, 2015

UnRecipe: Ingredient Obsession - Red Pepper Power (Powder)

"RAAAAAAAWKS-aaaaaaannnne..... you don't have to put on the red light... " That is, unless you're putting on the red pepper powder. On everything. To be filed under "random purchase at the Asian grocer," I bought a large container of Korean red pepper/kimchee (kimchi) powder, aka, gochugaru. While I haven't made a single batch of fermented cabbage buried in a clay pot in the ground, I have been sprinkling that powder into pretty much everything else, WITH NO SIGNS OF STOPPING.

Korean-style tacos, complete with gochugaru-infused tortillas! - Photo by Wasabi Prime

Monday, March 30, 2015

OMG a Recipe: This Drink Will Go Straight to Your Rosehips

"So, I was browsing the Armenian market, and came across a whole bag of rosehips for $2...." said no one, EVAR. Well, except me. At the risk of sounding like a painfully insufferable hipster, I really was browsing a little Armenian deli/market in Bellevue -- Old Country Bakery, if you want to check it out -- and whenever I'm in a unique grocer, I make it a point to pick up at least one thing that I have no idea what to do with, but has enough familiarity that I can experiment with. So yes, I got a big ol' bag of whole, dried rosehips, for like, two bucks! What to do with them? No idea. That's why there's a blog.

Rosehip Gin cocktail - thanks random ingredient purchase!! - Photo by Wasabi Prime