Monday, June 22, 2015

OMG a Recipe: Konquering Kiwi

Food Confessional: I'm just not that into kiwi anymore. It's important to say "anymore," because as a kid, I LOVED kiwi. The first time I had it, I felt so proud of myself for eating something so strange and exotic, and really enjoying the tart/sweet fruit with its edible fuzzy skin and inner ring of crunchy seeds. But these days....? Meh. If it's already in a dish, I'm happy to eat it, but I just don't get a hearty yen for this funky fruit, especially when our Full Circle produce delivery bag is full of the little buggers. It was the one fruit I'd either give away, or make sure I sliced up and served at brunch with friends, to get rid of it, ASAP. But I managed to conquer (konquer?) my lack of enthusiasm for kiwi in the form of salsa, specifically served atop quinoa crab cakes!

Konquering Mt. Kiwi-Crab Cake - Photo by Wasabi Prime

Monday, June 15, 2015

OMG a Recipe: Cookin' Liver With Hannibal Lecter

Cooking With Hannibal Lecter. Don't be scared, no humans were harmed in the making of this post, I swear. I'm clearly in a television mood, what with the Game of Thrones-themed post from last week and now this. Liver. Doesn't exactly inspire the foodgasm of gooey mac n' cheese, or crispy slices of bacon. I mean, come on, it's a filter organ whose flavor is often described as mineral-y, almost copper-bloody, and can have the texture of sandy meat-paste. I'm not giving liver much merit. But come on. Hannibal Lecter loves the stuff, and what better way to celebrate the latest/third season than a way to love liver? Yeeeeeeah... I know I'm not really selling this post opening with organ meat and an infamous fictional cannibal. 

Advice by Wasabi Prime, image from NBC Universal, from the series Hannibal

Monday, June 1, 2015

Mixed Plate: Vino Morghulis - Wine Tasting in Westeros

SPOILER ALERT: a whole lotta folks die on the HBO series Game of Thrones. Glad we got that out of the way. But let us raise a glass, like the great Lannister Queen Cersei does (frequently), and honor those who have departed in typical Westeros style: bloody, violent, with a look of mortal terror on what's left of one's visage. What better way to honor the Old Gods and the New than a blind tasting of bold, vibrant red wines, made in Washington by the good folks at House EFESTĒ in the land of Woodinville? They were kind enough to not only provide me with a sample of these hearty Rhône-inspired reds, but a handy list of tasting notes to inspire a party that can only be called Game of  Rhônes (cue booming GoT theme). The Many-Faced God of Braavos would advise us in the ancient Valyrian tongue, Valar Morghulis (All Men Must Die), but to that I say, VINO MORGHULIS -- all men (and fair ladies) must drink! 

The Royal Family of EFESTĒ wines - Drinking is Coming! - Photo by Wasabi Prime

Monday, May 18, 2015

OMG a Recipe: Happy Hour at Home and Bringing WineSpritzersBack

*Cue JT, boogieing across the screen, doing some kind of The Robot-type dance move* "I'm bringin' WineSpritzersBack... Them other drinks just don't know how to act..." Okay, so maybe Justin Timberlake didn't show up to my sunny patio happy hour, but let's be honest, with this great weather and perfect setting, HE TOTALLY WOULD HAVE. With summertime practically here (Hello, Memorial Day weekend!), it's not wrong to start enjoying the great outdoors, even if it's as simple as having cocktails and snacks in your very own backyard.

The most exclusive happy hour in town -- YOUR BACKYARD - Photo by Wasabi Prime